[SCCC] Hawaiian beacons STILL in there

Wayne Overbeck via SCCC sccc at contesting.com
Thu Jul 10 04:23:54 EDT 2014

It's early Thursday morning (July 10) California time, and the KH6HME beacons 
are still rolling in on the eighth day of a duct that won't quit.  I don't know if this 
is the longest California-to-Hawaii VHF opening ever, but it's the longest I can 
remember.  The 1973 duct, which I thought was pretty impressive, lasted for 
five days.

Signals faded out late Monday night (July 7) and I thought that was the end of 
it, but the beacons were back on July 9.  Earlier I said the opening began 
on July 3, but WB6NOA tells me he was hearing KH6HME/B on July 2.

Here's how KH6HME/B sounded at N6NB (in the hills of Orange County) on 
day eight:


Yep, the Hawaii beacons sound pretty much the same as they've sounded for a week.
The 432 beacon was a little weaker than usual when this video was made, but it's been 
fading up and down the entire time.

Wayne, N6NB

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