Neil Jessen neiljessen at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 12:27:07 EST 2015

Sorry...not sure what happened to my message the first time around, but it came out looking like a gobbled up mess.  Let's try this again.


Call: N6VHF
Operator(s): N6VHF
Station: N6VHFClass: Single Op LP
QTH: Anaheim, CA

Summary:Band  QSOs
80     5
40     50
20     18
15     26
10     45
Total: 144  State/Prov=44  Countries=10  Total Score= 7,776

Club: Southern California Contest Club

Comments: Another contest on a "kid" weekend. I did my best to balance my time between my son and the contest. I had a blast with the limited time and I think I did a decent job with a 100 watts and a dipole. I am always surprised how well 40 meters works. Love that band!  		 	   		  

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