[SCCC] FT-1000D & AL-82 For Sale

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 15:28:00 EDT 2017

Yeasu FT-1000D 200W XCVR
with Sub Receiver - Factory Service Manual - Original Factory Box

Ser No - 0G060180

Very Good Electrical and Physical Condx with Bright display - Always in Non
Smoking environment.

Loaded with Optional Filters

Main receiver has all stock filters plus 2 International Radio Optional ( #
702 2.1 kHz & # 703 400 HZ 455 kHz I.F. Filters) + Optional 500 hZ 455 kHz
filter in Sub Receiver

Also, Optional International Radio 73.62 mHz Roofing filter.

Photos available - $1100


Ameritron AL-82 160 - 10 mtr + WARC Bands Amplifier in Good
Electrical/Physical Condx with spare set of 3-500Z tubes.

3300V Power Supply employs Peter Dahl Transformer allows amp to put out
1500W unlike most other wimpy 3-500Z tube amps

Instant on gets you to the DX Pile-Ups QUICKLY !


Prefer pickup in Fallbrook.

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