[SCCC] FW: Competitive Contest Comparison - Flex vs Elecraft

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Thu Aug 24 09:47:00 EDT 2017

The other consideration is that the Flex needs software to operate.   The 
K3 does not need software.  Working with software is always a  frustration 
for me.  Something is always going wrong after an  "upgrade",  I do not like a 
computer controlling my radio.
The forums are replete with people having problems integrating their  
computers with their radios.
I will take my K3 and FTdx3000 any day over a Flex.
73, Kurt W6PH
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I think the problem with the author's attempt to make an  apples-to-apples 
comparison of the two transceivers is that he attempted to  configure each 
so that it had all of the features/functionality (as near as  possible) of 
the other. A better approach would be to define the  functionality/performance 
needed (in this case for contesting since this is a  contest club e-mail 
reflector) and then determine how and at what cost each  rig could meet those 
requirements. Even then an important question would be  whether the 
contester wants remote operation.

I own a K3 that has the  available K3S upgrades (a K3+ ?) and think the new 
Flex transceivers are  certainly worth considering.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM    (bhorn at hornucopia.com)

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