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Subject: [cwops] CW Open - 2 days away
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The CW Open is now only 2 days away so it is almost time to PLAY!!!

Session 1:  Sept 2 (00:00 – 03:59 UTC)

Session 2:  Sept 2 (12:00 – 15:59 UTC)

Session 3:  Sept 2 (20:00 – 23:59 UTC)

It is time to get your team registered, rigs and antennas tested and
final touches
made to your logging software of choice.  Yes, this is also labor day
weekend, but the CW Open is Friday night and Saturday.  That leaves all day
Sunday and Monday for the end of summer picnics and family fun times.

If you have participated in the weekly CWT events you already know how much
fun this can be.  Fire up your rigs, join the fun and make some Qs.   You
don’t need tons of aluminum in the air and KWs of power – low power and
dipoles work just fine for this event.   That is true even at this point in
the solar cycle.

For additional information please refer to the CW Open website info:
http://www.cwops.org/cwopen.html    Look down the page for the team sign-up
link.  It is lots of fun as a single op but even more fun to be part of a
team.   The team has membership has NO RESTRICTIONS.  It can be local,
national or international.

73 and hope to get you in my log for all (3) sessions.

Bruce – N1LN

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