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If the SCCC ever wants to attempt a reset the Field Day record at some
future date, we have a great spot in Topanga
You can ask N6AA about the location

The Topanga Disaster Radio Team (DRT) has 6 - 9 EZ-ups, tarps for the
floors, more batteries than a single truck should carry, one tower on a
trailer, a Force 12, and a number of willing bodies.

The idea being SCCC supplies the pros, know how, etc.
DRT will be there to learn and do a lot of the grunt work


On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 5:35 PM, Dennis Younker NE6I <NE6I at cox.net> wrote:

> Fresh off a fun weekend VHFing, SCCCers are no doubt preparing for the All
> Asian DX Contest next weekend! I know that some of you join that one each
> and every year. Being on the west coast, we often "get our say" in the AA
> as
> compared to say, CQWW from W6-land where we are behind the iron curtain of
> the Northeast!
> The weekend after that is ARRL Field Day.
> Once upon a time, the SCCC pulled out all the stops and "showed them how it
> was done!" We set some new standards and put the word "contest" in the same
> sentence as "Field Day." Good times.
> See http://n6nb.com/fieldday.htm for more about the SCCC Field Day Glory
> Days.
> When we put our minds to it, WE SET RECORDS!
> I came across this write up from an N3FJP newsletter (author of some very
> fine logging software!) and wanted to share it with all of you. I think it
> captures the spirit of Field Day, and I hope that it motivates you to
> either
> visit one of your local club's efforts in the field and contribute a little
> time, or to just GET ON THE AIR from home and work some of those that are
> in
> the field. You too could help steer a newcomer to the hobby and/or a
> youngster to a satisfying career in the electronics or communications
> field.
> <snip>
> Whether you are a contester or not, please get on the air and make some
> Field Day contacts!
> As we approach Field Day weekend, groups from all over the continent will
> be
> making final preparations, getting equipment, generators, food, rigs and
> computers together, antennas airborne, coordinating operating schedules and
> all the little things that make Field Day go. In many cases they will be on
> the air for many hours, striving to both show off the amazing hobby of
> Amateur Radio and turn in a competitive score. It is a huge amount of fun
> and a heck of a lot of work! Please help reward their great efforts by
> providing plenty of QSOs for their logs!
> Even if you aren't a contester, and you only have an hour to spare from
> home, please fire up your rig and give as many stations as you can a
> contact. Every group you call will really appreciate your QSO, and it will
> make their Field Day that much more enjoyable! In addition, you might be
> able to pick up a few more states towards your Worked All States Award. If
> you are ambitious, it is very possible that you can achieve the goal of
> working every state on Field Day weekend alone!
> For folks new to Field Day, if you are on a single transmitter home station
> with commercial power, your exchange is simple. You'll simply send your
> Call, your Class as 1D and your ARRL section. Just be aware you can't call
> other 1D stations for contest points, but all the other station categories
> will love for you to give them a call!
> And if you would like to find a local Field Day group to operate with, this
> locator will point the way:
> http://www.arrl.org/field-day-locator
> Encouraging visitors can change a life (and even affect yours)!
> When I was 14 years old, a family friend took my Dad and me to a local
> Field
> Day on a Saturday evening. That was my first exposure to Amateur Radio. I
> didn't understand the significance at the time, but the guys had an amazing
> run going as we arrived at their site. Still, they took the time to explain
> what was going on, the exchange, and they were completely willing to
> abandon
> their run to encourage this shy, 14 year old to take over the mic. I got
> started, the run resumed and so much was happening, I forgot all about
> being
> nervous. Before I knew it I was having a blast! Anyone who has ever been at
> the bottom of a pile up, running a frequency, knows the thrill. They kindly
> said I was a natural, and I was hooked!
> Had it not been for the positive, encouraging spirit of that great group,
> willing to forego an awesome run for the sake of possibly encouraging a
> kid,
> I'd very likely never have become an Amateur Radio operator. I wouldn't be
> doing what I'm doing today, and there would never have been N3FJP Software
> for you to use. Those couple hours changed my life and hopefully, through
> my
> software, has brought some added enjoyment to yours, too!
> If you see a visitor with a hint of intrigue in their eye, please offer
> them
> that same gracious encouragement that was given to me. It's very possible
> that you will be helping to shape a destiny, and we will all be better for
> it!
> Have Fun!
> <end snip from the N3FJP newsletter>
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