[SCCC] VHF contest category

Marty Woll n6vi at socal.rr.com
Tue Jun 12 12:04:44 EDT 2018

Hi, Phil.

First, thanks for the contacts on multiple bands last weekend.  As to your
comment. except for the FM-only category, all entry classes  - not just the
there-banders - are mixed-mode, and we all compete with digitally equipped
stations even if we don't have it ourselves.  I would be interested to see
whether any mostly-FT8 ops in this region did any better on 6m than I did
using only phone and CW or whether they worked grids that I never heard.


Marty N6VI

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My entry is officially entered as MODE; MIXED because that's the only way
the 3 band entry can be entered.  I was phone only, so it looks like I'm
now competing with the FT8 crowd,  I guess I'll have to start using that if
I want to be competitive.
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