[SCCC] All Asian CW 2018 / N5ZO

Marko L Myllymaki marko.l.myllymaki at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 00:08:40 EDT 2018

*All Asian DX Contest, CW
<http://www.3830scores.com/listeditions.php?arg=n0mihzniisiK>   2018   Jun
16   Claimed Score

Call: *N5ZO <http://www.3830scores.com/findcall.php?call=N5ZO>*

Operator(s): N5ZO <http://www.3830scores.com/findcall.php?call=N5ZO>
Station: N5ZO

Class: *SOAB HP*
Operating Time (hrs): 9
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R
Summary:   Compare Scores
Band QSOs Mults
80: 20 17
40: 222 79
20: 188 88
15: 32 22
10: 9 9
Total: *471* *215* Total Score *106,855*

Club: Southern California Contest Club
Comments:     [email]     2018-06-18 04:00:36
Due to other commitments on Friday-Saturday didn't get started until 32 hrs
after start.  I was only planning to operate couple hrs but ended up
staying all night and 6 hrs for first BIC session.  That netted 400 Qs and
then just 70 during last 3 hrs of the contest.  I guess we cannot blame
Monday-workday in Japan as most operators are probably old enough not to
work, based on numbers received.  About 15 % were younger than me.  Anyway,
it got pretty slow during those last hrs, although band was open, even
10m.  Maybe it is time to make this 24 hrs event...?  I for one would
probably operate it more seriously, and it is very nice contest from West
coast.  Anyway, good fun, tnx for QSOs de Marko N5ZO

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