[SCCC] Wanted...

cbruderer cbruderer at ucsd.edu
Wed Jun 20 22:25:32 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a few used items:

     - Stack Matches - Price can't be higher than what it would cost me 
to build one. It does not need to come with a controller.  I would even 
be interested in a broken one.

     - FT240-61 toroids (The more common FT240-31's which look identical 
will not work)

     -  Either just a motor for a HAM IV rotor, or a broken rotor with a 
good motor in it (mine died).  May not need to specifically be for a HAM 
IV; it sounds like several rotors use the same motor.

     - At least one-half of a Yaesu rotor mast clamp to replace a 
cracked one.

Thanks for the help & 73,


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