Steve k0xp at k0xp.com
Sun Sep 9 01:08:56 EDT 2018

>NA Sprint CW Contest - September

>Call: K0XP
>Operator(s): K0XP
>Station: K0XP
>Class: Single Op LP
>QTH: Mission Viejo CA
>Operating Time (hrs): 2.1
>  Band  QSOs  Mults  Op Time
>    80:  27        17         .4
>    40:  52        24       1.1
>    20:  16        12         .6
>Total:  95     Mults = 53  Total Score = 5,035
>Club: Southern California Contest Club
>Team: None

'Tis amazing what a sloping 39-foot wire with counterpoise will work 
with 100 watts, even on 80. I would have just about killed when I was 
a Novice 53 years ago to work what I did tonight on 80 with this 
antler  8-) Heard lots of 6s on 20 but they were all skipping over 
me, didn't work even one W6 on 20. I still don't have any computer 
interfaces for my new FT-991A so I had to use my old Vibroplex paddle 
which, combined with being off the air for 10 years, made me stumble 
over the exchange many times; my apologies to those whose rhythm I 
broke up with my stumbling. Slowly getting back in shape, though.

Steve, K0XP(/6) 

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