[SCCC] CQP report (N6MI county expedition)

J. Scott Bovitz bovitz at bovitz.com
Mon Oct 14 01:38:38 EDT 2019

* N6MI -- California QSO Party 2019 *

For the 2019 California QSO Party, N7DA (formerly KB9FKO), AF6O, and N6MI
organized a county expedition to Ventura County, California under the N6MI
call sign.

We operated in the N6MI van (n6mi.com) on Frazier Mountain (8,013 feet). The
van is a former COW (cell on wheels) with a 56 foot pneumatic mast.

We used a tri-band yagi on the mast for 15/20 meters, a sloping dipole for
40 meters, and an inverted vee for 80 meters. The van is equipped with a
FlexRadio 6500 and an ACOM A600S amplifier. We ran about 450 watts.

We made 1,112 contacts in 57 sections; we did not work NT. 

20 meters was the money band.

3.5 CW 96
3.5 LSB 19
7 CW 164
7 LSB 19
14 CW 448
14 USB 243
21 CW 110
21 USB 13

We have a raw claimed score of 173,223.

It was cold at night (about 45 degrees Fahrenheit), but sunny and nice
during the day (up to 65 degrees). The wind was never a problem. K6VCR's
snake ("Lucky") did not visit our camp.

Thank you for the contacts.

J. Scott Bovitz, N6MI
bovitz at bovitz.com

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