[SCCC] 432SprngSprnt N7DA Single Op QRP

Drew Arnett kb9fko at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 23:42:41 EDT 2020

Fun to work everyone in the SoCal region.  Maybe next time can go QRO
to work some of your newcomers, Marty.

Tim had a blasting signal.  It was hard to find a direction to point
the yagi where he wasn't full quieting.  I pointed south, the ground,
and even up at the sky.

A heck of a lot of fun for a quick, simple little sprint.

Appreciated everyone who handed out QSOs and grids.

Best regards,


                  432 MHz Spring Sprint - 2020

Call: N7DA
Operator(s): N7DA
Station: N7DA

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 1.25

Total:  QSOs = 14  Mults = 4  Total Score = 56

Club: Southern California Contest Club


HT and 6 el WA5VJB yagi.  Mountain bicycle portable on W6/SC-338 Black Mountain.
 Great signals when the atmosphere glassed off at sunset.  Warm spring breeze
for the Spring Sprint.  Great fun working lots of familiar and new calls
throughout the SoCal region.  Look forward to more Sprints in the future.  Fun
ride back down on the single track after dark.

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