[SCCC] VHF Contest This Weekend

Dennis Younker NE6I NE6I at cox.net
Fri Jun 12 22:22:17 EDT 2020

Several good posts here this past week about intentions in the ARRL VHF
Contest this weekend. 


If you are CQing, I would suggest that you spot yourself here, on the DX
spotting network and on the Cali VHF UHF west coast spotting site
(https://n6sjv.org/index.php), as well as anywhere else you can think of.
Self-spotting is allowed in this contest, and encouraged!


Keep an eye on the usual CW, SSB, MSK144, FT8 and FT4 frequencies. Not all
of us can copy weak sigs on the CW and SSB freqs and do better on the
digital freqs. Yes, those are slower QSOs and in the case of a major SpE
opening, you might do better on CW and SSB. We all get that. 


I for one am limited to 6 meters and will be monitoring the three modes. I
have yet to hear any activity on the CW and SSB freqs this season but have
many digital Q's in the log and during one or two good SpE openings, was
copied all up and down the east coast. 


I'd also suggest keeping an eye on DXMaps.com and configuring for the band
of interest. 


So far, this SpE season hasn't been spectacular from the west coast from my
vantage point but it has been much better than last year. Let's fill the E
layer with signals and fill our contest logs.


Most modern-ish rigs of course now have 6 meters. No 6 meter antenna? Many
are able to use the radio's internal tuner to match one of their existing HF
antennas and work some surprising stuff.


And don't forget, 2m FM contacts are allowed as well. In fact, there is an
entire category for FM contacts only!


So jump on, have some fun, and let's make a little noise!


--Dennis NE6I

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