[SCCC] ARRL June VHF N7DA/R limited rover

Drew Arnett arnett.drew at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 23:44:50 EDT 2020

145 points x 24 mults = 3480 claimed.

transverters-store.com barefoot transverters for 144, 222, and 432.
No 6 meter, so really limited.  :-)  WA5VJB cheap yagis and drive
on-mast.  HT and a ground plane. Roved local hilltops in DM12 and
DM13.  Ran out to Laguna, also in DM12 Sunday AM to work a bunch over
in Arizona which was a lot of fun.  FM, SSB, and CW.  (The most CW
I've ever worked in a VHF contest; crazy considering I wasn't on 6.)
No digital, so again, really limited.  :-)  Paper logging; somehow
only had to purge 4 dupes from my log.

Worked a lot of SCCCers.  Thanks!

A number of fairly new callsigns (per current sequential callsigns.)
New contesters?

Thanks to N6MI for being patient and giving me another mult.

Only glitch was discovering late in the contest that my microphone
plug could slip partially out of a jack.  Explains why sometimes they
couldn't hear me on phone!  :-)

FM was hopping.  I mostly used HT whip for FM.  Need to get folks
organized with more than 2 or 3 simplex frequencies so we can spread
out more.  It really was that busy at times.

144 MHz
57 QSOs 12 mults
from DM12 worked: DM03 DM04 DM12 DM13 DM14 DM15 DM24 DM33 DM35 DM42 DM 44
from DM13 worked:  CM94 DM04 DM12 DM13

222 MHz
3 QSOs 3 mults
from DM12 worked:  DM12
from DM13 worked:  DM04 DM13

432 MHz
41 QSOs 7 mults
from DM12 worked:  DM02 DM03 DM04 DM13 DM14
from DM13 worked:  CM94 DM03 DM04 DM12 DM13 DM14

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