[SCCC] Flat Roofs and Stucco--Antenna Installation

Clayton Nall clayton.nall at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 14:29:36 EDT 2020

What experience do you all have installing antenna systems on 1) flat-roof
homes and 2) homes with stucco siding?  Among other ideas, I'm entertaining
the possibility of bracketing a mast for wire antennas to a stucco wall,
but am not sure the best way to go about that.

I'm looking to collect best practices in this area before I start
cutting/sawing through my walls or mounting anything on my roof.  The
following website seems to provide a good start, but I'd welcome more ideas
from the list.

The antennas mounted will probably be VHF verticals and Moxons/small beams,
plus light wire HF antennas.

Clayton Nall
Work: (650) 725-4076
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