[SCCC] Additional Information on 2021 Visalia International DX and Contesting Social Gathering

Richard J. Norton richardjnorton at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 15:52:48 EDT 2020

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Some of us attend the Visalia DX Convention in great measure to socialize
with close friends, hams that we work on the air, and potential new
friends. Some of us feel that this in-person socialization is an important
part of our radio lives. '

The planned 2021 Internet convention is missing the in-person
socialization, and the smaller social gathering is planned to fill that

The social gathering is not organized to compete with the main convention,
but to augment it.  The event's date was selected to not conflict with the
main event.

*Social Gathering Details*

As announced previously, a Visalia DX and Contesting Social Gathering is
planned for March 19, 20, and 21 at the Visalia, California, Wyndham Hotel
(refurbished former Holiday Inn,).

*Health Concerns*

None of us are interested in contracting the Covid-19 virus, nor are we
interested in anyone else contracting it at the event. We are uncertain
about what impact the virus will be having ten months from now. We may
cancel the event. We may cancel the event very close to the planned date if
health concers warrant it.

We expect to know considerably more about how society is faring as we
approach the date. Radio-convention wise, Quartzfest, Orlando, and Yuma
will have recently either functioned or have been cancelled, and that will
impact our planning.

If the event happens, we don't know whether we will try to require masks,
enhanced social distancing, diver's helmets with oxygen tanks, or what. At
present, I don't expect to be shaking hands with anyone.

*Overall Philosophy*

Rather than have any particular clubs involved, Jim Neiger, N6TJ, and I
decided to run the gathering as two individuals. This permits rapid
reaction to whatever the future holds. Note that I was the Convention
Chairman, when the DX Convention was first moved to Visalia in 1978, and
where we had a two-person convention committee. We have the experience to
make this event function smoothly.

Our intent is to keep the event as simple as possible. We do not expect to
make money. In fact, we hope to not handle any money. The exact procedure
for paying for the dinners is presently undefined, but we are working to
somehow have attendees pay the hotel directly.

We expect that there will be no raffles, no prizes, no programs, no
registration packets, no patches, no reserved seating, and probably no

We expect that this event will be smaller than previous Visalias, and
smaller than the main Internet event as well.

There will probably be an organized ARRL discussion, maybe some sort of
organized contest discussion and/or DX discussion, and maybe a presentation
or two on some sort of operation such as an expedition. Major DX-pedition
presentations should be left for the main Internet event. The format of the
discussions will be in some way dependent on the number of attendees
present. These may be round table discussions or larger forums. We have
been given use of the hotels meeting rooms. Any agenga will likely be
finalized in the week before the event. If you have something you feel
would be of interest that you can present or lead, please let us know.

If an ARRL or CQ Magazine QSL-card Checker shows up, there may be QSL
checking, something probably not expected over the Internet.

The major activity is expected to be talking with each other, in a safe
way. We will encourage getting to know people that you do not know well.


We have received inquiries regarding exhibitors. The current plan is to
suggest that anyone wanting to exhibit products simply rent one of the
first-floor rooms that face hallways or other public areas, like we did 30
or 40 years ago. As we get closer, we will know the expected attendance,
and whether the event merits exhibitors.


Some of you have volunteered to help. Let's see what is needed as we


The Wyndham Hotel appears to be very desirous of our business, and is
working hard to make this work. A reduced hotel rate of $95 per night for
one or two beds has been negotiated. The rate applies for Friday night,
March 19, and Saturday night, March 20. A smaller number of rooms is also
available for Thursday night, March 18.Reservations may be cancelled up
until one day before.

Call (559) 651-5000, Group code: 031 821 CAL. Group name: California DX

Parking is free.

Motorhome parking is free, but if hookup is needed, expect a small cost.


We are endeavoring to run this without cost, but if we end up buying a
bunch of cans of soda, we can probably live eating the expense. Otherwise,
there may be a donation jar.

*From You*

If think you will attend, please let Jim know at N6TJ at sbcglobal.net . If
you have a probability of attending, such as 50%, please add that

Make your cancellable reservations directly with the hotel.

Show up. Bring adequate funds to pay for whatever you eat and drink.

Talk to your friends, safely.

Keep in mind that the event is 10 months away, and will not happen if
conditions are not safe. Suggest not buying non-refundable airline tickets.


Dick Norton, N6AA, Co-organizer,  with Jim Neiger, N6TJ, Co-organizer

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