Larry Shapiro lashap at cox.net
Mon Jun 29 23:52:25 EDT 2020

I made 100 q's on 2m fm..mostly .52,and some.55
55 q's on 446.00
95% of the q's were Saturday,and just a few on Sunday.
I have never done this before,so it was new to me.
Most of the guys I called knew what they were doing,but some had no clue..
Certain guys kept calling me every time I called CQ,so I guess they didn't 
have a dupe sheet going.
Thanks Tim for getting me on and making FM q's,
Larry k6ro

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There was a HUGE amount of 2m FM this year, as I predicted.  .52 was melting 
down at times.  It was actually still going at 1AM, and
resumed at 7AM Sunday morning.

Frequencies I saw in use was the whole spectrum from .52 thru .58, so .52, 
.535,  .55,   .565. and .58.   Never heard anyone on .49, and
I never checked the 147 Mhz simplex freqs.

Tim N6GP
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