[SCCC] Henry Radio Amplifier Pictures Wanted

Marty Woll n6vi at socal.rr.com
Thu Mar 5 15:29:28 EST 2020

Hi, Dennis.  

My first amp was a 2K-3, then I got a second as well as a second Drake line.
This was back in the late '60's and early '70's.  I set one rig / amp combo
up to run 40m and 115m while the other ran 80, 20 and 10.  That way I could
have the two most active bands at the same time.  A homemade box switched
PTT, key, mic and 'phones.  I have a photo somewhere (pre-digital, of
course); I'll try to dig it up.

I modified my 2K-3 a couple of times.  Once I added inductance and a
customized input can to make it work on 160m for a contest with N6TR up in
the mountains.,  Another time I shorted part of the output coil and added
another custom input can to make it work on 6m.  That helped me snag my
first and only Africa contact (C5AEH) on the Magic Band.


Marty N6VI

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Is anyone still using, have in the shack, or formerly used a Henry amplifier
from Henry Radio? I am looking for pictures and/or stories from SCCCers on
the subject for the April SCCCORE publication. Before there were Alphas,
before there were Elecrafts, before there were Acoms, OM Power amps or
Expert Linears, there were Henrys. Henry Amplifiers were in many of the big
contest stations in those days. I'd love to hear from you about your
experience and thoughts on them. 

 Thanks in advance.

 --Dennis NE6I

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