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Keith k6gxo at as.net
Tue Mar 10 21:43:44 EDT 2020

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Subject: 	Good timing
Date: 	Tue, 10 Mar 2020 18:16:47 -0700
From: 	Keith <k6gxo at as.net>
To: 	scc at contesting.com

Now that Visalia has been cancelled I believe this would be a good time 
to advertise that I have an ELECRAFT K3S for sale as well as other 
items. The K3S has a large list of inclusions and the new cost was over 
$5K. It is still a virgin since I have never put it on the air. The s/n 
is 10741.

I also have numerous other items, all necessary for a successful lo-band 
SSB/CW station, but I have found it necessary to down grade. Yes, I have 
some antennas and two towers that need to come down.

I would encourage anyone interested to visit my QTH in Palmdale (call 
for directions) and see for yourself what I have. My home phone is 
661-533-4025 and I have a message machine (don't let the message scare 
you in case I don't answer. Leave a message anyway).

Sorry about Visalia. Enjoyed it many times over the years but that's 
life. It's important to stay healthy.

73,  Keith.....K6GXO

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