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Hello all:

Although it doesn't directly affect a lot of us on March 19th the RSGB
announced: "As a result of the UK government’s recent advice on social
distancing, it is with regret that the HF Contest Committee (HFCC) and the
VHF Contest Committee (VHFCC) have decided that, with immediate effect and
until the end of June 2020, we will no longer accept multi-operator contest
entries for any RSGB Contest.
Single operator entries from shared stations will also not be accepted,
unless the station is being shared by family members living at the same
postal address. The HFCC has taken the decision that the RSGB HF CW NFD
Contest (June) is cancelled for this year.
We have decided not to ban portable operation by single operators because
of the potential mental health benefits associated with engaging in hobbies
etc. as well as the lack of person-to-person contact in normal single
operator contesting. However, we encourage everyone to follow the
government guidelines regarding social distancing and unnecessary travel.
We will review these rule changes regularly in line with the most recent
government advice to determine if we need to extend or modify the
restrictions. In early June we will decide if the VHF NFD, the IOTA Contest
and SSB NFD can go ahead as planned."
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In addition, the UKSMG (United Kingdom Six Meter Group) has also eliminated
the multi-op category for this year's summer Es contest in June.
Is there any word from the ARRL about eliminating entry categories or
cancelling contests?
73,  Chris Patterson W3CMP
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