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Mon Mar 30 11:45:04 EDT 2020

Larry, you’re really doing well with that hardware man! Reading your references to W6TK reminds me of exactly the same... Dick was someone I always tried to be close to from my So Cal city lot too!
I remember a contest where W6PH and I agreed to just do say 24 of 48 hours. We had a blast taking what would have been a part time effort into a full time personal competition. I recall the senior man beating me up!

Great to see you’re back into it so much!
Tim / N6WIN 

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On Sunday, March 29, 2020, 19:41, Larry Shapiro <lashap at cox.net> wrote:

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB - 2020

Call: K6RO
Operator(s): K6RO
Station: K6RO

Class: SOAB HP
Class Overlay: TB-Wires
Operating Time (hrs): 35

Band  QSOs
  80:  51
  40:  322
  20:  802
  15:  70
  10:  17
Total: 1262  Prefixes = 445  Total Score = 837,490

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Decided to do full time HP to test out what I have up now.
Started on 15,but it died within minutes..switched to 20m ,and things were
pretty good.Spent 2.5 hrs on 20,and had 169 q's. Switched to 40m,and spent 
hours there..had 318 q's at 05:17z. Went to 80..spent an hour there,and went
back to 40.Stayed there until I went to bed at 0800z with 421 q's .
I could tell after the first 8 hours that I need more gain on 20 and 40. 2
elements at 40 feet on 20.and a dipole for 40m at 43 feet just doesn't cut 
it in
contests.Just too hard to find a run frequency,or keep it after I carve one

Got up Saturday at 1400z,and made 1 q on 80,and a few on 40 before going to
Stayed on 20 until 1941z,with just a few band changes to 15m.
I really needed 15 to be open to stateside,as 20 was just too crowded.
I worked all the SA stations on 15..most were pretty loud,and checked 10m a 
times.Then back to 20m...and continued to check 10 and 15m quite often.
20m was the main band,as I had some good runs there.my best was Sunday..257 
at 76 per hour..that is good for me with the antennas I have :)
Went to bed Saturday night at 0530z with 1028 q's. Got up Sunday at 
Spent 30 minutes trying 80,then 40,before getting on 20m.
I spent most of the contest trying to run,until I had to move..sometimes I 
worked 3-5 stations before back to S and P until I found another run spot. A
good run for me is at least 20 q's. In this contest, I had 13 pretty good 
that totaled about 700 of my 1262 q's .Sunday was difficult , as only 20m 
open , and everyone was there. Sunday morning N1MM crashed 2 times..never
happened before..the entry screen went black,and I could not exit the 
Each time I had to restart the computer..glad no data was lost. It never
happened again, so I was happy. My voice keyer had a mind of it's own...3-4
different issues with it..possible RF in the shack ?
I knew I was in trouble Q Wise on Saturday,as I heard Dick W6TK was 500 q's
ahead of me. Without Dick being on,I probably would have stopped Saturday
night,but I wanted to compare my station with his.. I did the best I could 
what I have at the moment.

As Bill, N6RV said before this contest,this will be a worked all stated
contest,with not much DX. Where were all the JA's ?
Europe was weak for me,and I had no interest in any pileups.
I really missed contesting and all my friends when I was MIA for 16 years. I 
back,and am having fun again. Thanks for all the q's,73,Larry K6RO

KPA-1500 Amp
Heil Pro7
JK Navassa at 37 feet
JK 40M Dipole at 43 feet.
Long wire for 80m at 15 feet.

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