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Contesting in Covid-19 era #2.

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                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB - 2020

Call: NT6Q
Operator(s): N5ZO
Station: N5ZO

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): ~33
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
  160:    1
   80:  110
   40:  642
   20:  979
   15:   95
   10:    1
Total: 1828  Prefixes = 592  Total Score = 1,791,984

Club: Southern California Contest Club


I have tried to build my station for domestic contests and 40 and 20 are
working quite well for that intended goal.  And I worked lots of W/VE in
this contest. 
N1MM+ shows average Pt/QSO across all bands just 1.7 and only 1.4 on 20
I was able to run and hold frequency when working W/VE, and occasionally
some DX answered.  Other than running some JAs most of the DX QSOs were S&P.
I had good start and 1st 4 hours I had 422 Qs which is quite good for LP.
Just 87 QSOs were made to zones 14-16, just 2 QSOs on 40 m and rest on 20 m.
107 QSOs were made with JAs, 62 on 40 m and 45 on 20 m.  I decided to sleep
both nights some and missed some good JA time on 40 m and also then woke up
late for 20 m EU opening both mornings.  I had some irritation and cough in
throat and did not want to push and decided to rest due to current Covid-19
situation.  But I operated more than I had planned and at the end I was
quite surprised of my QSO qty, but mults are definetly low due to lack of
DX.  South America on 15 m was very active and it seemed quite easy to get
through from here.  It added a lot to my multipliers.  Overall activity
seemed high for obvious reasons as everyone was inside in whole planet, and
it was good distraction from constant bad news. 
Tnx for QSOs de Marko N5ZO

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