[SD-User] IOTA Contest Rules

Paul EI5DI Paul EI5DI" <paul@ei5di.com
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:30:08 +0100

Jim MM0BQI brought this to my attention (from the IOTA Contest Rules)

> Note: Entrants are allowed to claim multiplier credit
> for their own island reference on the bands and modes
> operated.

I understood this to mean that you could work other stations (not
other members of your own group) on your own IOTA island (or group of
islands) for multiplier credit and that, as stated in another rule,
they would score 3 points each rather than the normal 15 points for
IOTA island QSOs.

If the rule actually means that you can simply inflate your multiplier
totals without having any corresponding QSOs, then it's not supported
by SDI.  Like other contest loggers, SDI scores on the basis of QSOs

As always, users are free to edit the Summary Sheet (from SDICHECK) as

Paul EI5DI