[SD-User] IOTA Contest software

Sidney Will sidwill@lineone.net
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 19:43:12 -0000

I am appalled that Clive/GW3NJW should advertise some other software (More
than once)
on the SD-Users reflector, especially as there are problems with the one he
(See his contest report in uk-contest-digest #135)

I think I am right in saying that none of the American software scores the
IOTA contest
correctly.  It is not their fault, American contests usually have simple
scoring systems.

SDI does score IOTA correctly and it ran perfectly this year as it has most
years since
it became available.

I hope the contest invigilators bear this in mind when they are checking the
logs this year.
Previous years' logs have gone through mostly unchecked with inflated scores
by some of these programmes.  Promises have been made that this years' logs

The only reason for using some of these programmes is for multi-multi
stations which
require networking for more than one computer but I assume that these users
aware of the scoring problems they produce.

Even in simple contests such as the RSGB 1.8 MHz contests, which I
CT and TR do not score correctly.

Keep up the good work Paul

73 de Sid  GM4SID