[SD-User] USB Keyboard and MSDOS

Henry G. Elwell, Jr. elwell@salisbury.net
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 23:15:10 -0400

    This is a review of my problem with trying to use an USB keyboard in
the MSDOS 6.22 operating system, and its use in Super Duper.  The USB
keyboard gives incorrect ASCII codes for the Arrows, Page Up/Down,
Delete, Home, End, and Insert.  The Up Arrow error in particular, made
the editing of QSOs, and capturing of other band QSOs impossible since
it would not respond. Whether this is peculiar to the IBM USB multimedia
keyboard, or applies to all USB boards, is not know by me.

    My discussions with an IBM Service representative brought out the
fact that the keyboard will not work properly in DOS, unless an USB  DOS
keyboard driver is used.  By searching the Internet and the USB forum, I
found that such a driver would have to be developed, which could be done
for $1,000 to $10,000.  It is much cheaper to use an AT keyboard when
working in DOS, which I will do.

    I found that if I connect an AT and the USB keyboard into separate
connectors on my IBM NetVista computer, the IBM keyboard will work, and
the AT one will not.   That is no big problem because I can easily
remove the front USB connector when I want to work in DOS.  The USB
Keyboard does not seem to care that the AT keyboard is plugged in, but
the AT one does. Alone, of course, the AT works great in DOS.

    So who cares about all of the above, besides myself?  Only those who
plan to use an USB keyboard in the DOS operating system.  And maybe I
have an isolated situation, but if you run into a problem as above, you
will know what to do.

Vy 73, Uncle Henry

Henry G. Elwell, Jr. - N4UH

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