[SD-User] SPDX settings

Paul Howland paul.howland1 at virgin.net
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>From previous posting prior to last years contest. Hope this helps, but no
garantees if rules have changed!

Paul G0WJN

Select SD Type 4 - General, Area Multipliers.

Multipliers Count:      B (by band)
Points/QSO:             3
Pts/Bonus:              0 (multipliers)
.MLT file:              SPDXC
Next Page?              Y
Receive Serials?        N
Mode:                   CW or SSB - your mode now.
Mixed Mode?             Y/N - your choice.
If mixed -
mults count both modes? N
If mixed -
  work same station
  on both modes?        Y

Send RS(T) + Serial.
Receive RS(T) + single-character Province abbreviation

Paul Howland

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>What's the SD set up for the SPDX contest ?
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