[SD-User] ADIF uploads to eQSL ?

Juan Antonio Teva Córdoba jateva at teleline.es
Mon Apr 21 23:20:12 EDT 2003

Dear OM, I had imported ADIF file from SDCHECK without problem to eQSL many
times. Only one bug: My own call always showed like another contact.
Sorry, no secrets to it. Only instruction from web site to it.
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Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2003 11:34 AM
Subject: [SD-User] ADIF uploads to eQSL ?

> Has anyone managed to successfully get www.eQSL.cc to recognise and
> upload ADIF files generated by SDCHECK recently?  I have always had an
> issue with this - the file uploads ok but then after processing I find
> that zero entries are added.  Until recently I got around this by
> taking the adif file from SDCHECK, importing it into another program
> (LogEQF) and then re-exporting it in ADIF again which eQSL seemed to
> like.  However the last time I did this it also failed, although there
> is no indication that either eQSL or LogEQF have changed their ADIF
> processing/formats - hence puzzling.
> Just wondered if anyone else had actually got ADIF from SD directly
> into eQSL and if so what the secret is?  !!!
> 73,
> Jonathan G0DVJ
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