[SD-User] Keyboard mapping within SD

Paul O'Kane Paul O'Kane" <paul@ei5di.com
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 23:45:04 -0000

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From: "Phil Catterall" <phil.catterall@ntlworld.com>

> I wonder if anyway can tell me how to get UK Keyboard
> characters in the right keyboard location when running
> SD and other DOS programs in Windows 98? Currently typing
 = #     " = @    @ = "      etc etc

>From what I've seen, characters which display properly at
the command prompt may not be correct when you're running
a DOS program.

I usually run Windows 98, and there is no difference on
my PC at present.  However, I tried a Windows 2000 PC
today with the effect that Phil described.

I was able to fix it by going to the Control Panel, and
selecting Keyboard Properties and then the Language tab.
For me, the installed language was EN English (Ireland)
and the layout was "Irish".  This combination gave the
"wrong" output when running DOS programs.  I used the
Properties button to change the layout to United Kingdom
and then got the correct output from DOS programs.

It's worth experimenting.  If all else fails, here's
a URL that may be relevant.


Paul EI5DI