[SD-User] Rig control

John Headland john-hazel at g3bfp.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jan 25 11:45:56 EST 2003

For some time I have ben using  Rig Control on SD using my old 486 Lap
Top(my radio PC!) with great success using my IC736 and level Converter.
This week I decided to install sd997 into my Desk Top Pentium(4 years old
now) and found that whilst the transceiver accepted a typed frequency from
SD and changed accordingly to the new frequency, doing it the other way
round an changing the transceiver band, SD would not accept the changed band
and remained unmoved.I could change the SD log band with the usual command,
i.e. 20M, but this should not work under rig control setup. Is my Serial
Port suspect although it works ok with a modem for internet, a controller
for Packet and if selected for keying from SD, no problem.The status
parameters are the same as for the 486. Help!!!

John, G3BFP

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