[SD-User] SD for Windows

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Sun May 4 13:45:16 EDT 2003

I'm developing a version of SD for Windows, and it's at the
stage where many of the features you're familiar with, in
the DOS version, are working.  When I say it's a Windows
program, I mean that it will run on any Windows platform.
However, it runs as a Windows "console" application, it's
character-based and it looks like a DOS program.

For the moment I'm calling it SD-Win.  Its files are 100%
compatible with SD, so it makes no difference whether you
reload a particular contest log in SD or SD-Win.

SD-Win's look and feel is, as far as possible, exactly the
same as that of SD in the DOS environment.  The main
difference, for Windows users, is that you don't have to do
any memory configuration for the program to run.  This means
that SD-Win is likely to run on all Windows PCs, whereas SD
would not run in the absence of expanded memory support or
if there was a corresponding hardware issue (as on many

Nevertheless, because Windows is not the same as DOS, there
are some other differences.  In particular, for CW users,
it's difficult to guarantee precise timing in Windows, simply
because Windows is not a dedicated real-time operating system.
At present, the only CW option supported is WinKey - developed
by K1EL and G3WGV.  WinKey is an external keyer - see
http://k1el.tripod.com/wkinfo.html.  It takes standard text
characters from the PC's serial port, sent by SD-Win, and
converts them to CW.  USB to serial converters can be used,
but I've not tested them yet.

Winkey has paddle support, and you can interrupt the keyer
by touching a paddle.  It has a rotary speed control, and
you can adjust speed while CW is being sent.  WinKey takes
its power from the serial port.  When not connected to the
computer, it can be used a standard keyer (with no stored
memories) when power is provided from a battery or your
rig's accessory socket.  I have no commercial interest in
WinKey, I'm using it because it does what it claims to do,
which is remove any CW timing uncertainties due to Windows.
It's also supported by at least one other contest logger.

You can download the beta version of SD-Win.EXE (205 kb)
from http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sd-win.zip. I know that it runs
in Windows 98, 2000 and XP.  When you've downloaded and
unzipped it, move it to the same directory or folder as
SD and use Windows Explorer to create a shortcut to SD-Win.
The quick way to start Windows Explorer is to press either
Windows Key (beside the Alt keys) and E together.  Locate
sd-win.exe and right-click it. Select "Create Shortcut" and
drag the resultant file to your desktop.  Double click the
shortcut file to start SD-Win.

SD-Win is intended to be run in a normal Window, and not
in full-screen mode. Please let me know (to this mailing
list) what you think of it and any recommendations you may

I'd also like to hear what you think the new program
should be called, bearing in mind that I'll soon have new
Windows versions of all the other programs, SDC, SDI, SDL,
SDR, SDU and SDV - and I don't want to dilute SD's "brand
image".  Should it be SD-Win or Win-SD, or should I keep
the original names (SD etc.) for the Windows versions and
rename the DOS versions as SD-DOS etc?

For as long as necessary, or as appropriate, I will
continue to support and enhance the DOS programs.

Paul EI5DI

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