[SD-User] SDCHECK-win ?

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Tue May 6 21:53:59 EDT 2003

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From: "quale" <quale at online.no>

Chris & others,

> After upgrading my laptop from Windows98 to Windows2000 I have
> not been able to start SDCHECK-dos on my computer (SD-dos works
> fine!)

I've run SDCHECK-DOS on other Win2000 machines.  I would expect
it to run if SD-DOS runs OK as they have similar requirements in
terms of a DOS expanded memory manager.

> It would certainly be handy to have SDCHECK-win on my laptop.
> Any plans?

Yes, I'll tackle SDCHECK next.  Please remember, though, that
SD-WIN is still a prototype.  For example, Super Check Partial
is not working, and I only have a one-way link to WinKey which
means that callsign type-ahead is not implemented.

After SDCHECK, I'll convert SDI and perhaps think about networking
options to support multiplier stations (for IOTA and Field Day).
I don't see SD developing to full multi-multi support. The market
is limited, at least in terms of potential buyers, and there are
already several loggers competing for that market.

I want to keep SD simple, whether to use or learn, on both DOS
and Windows.  I'll be disappointed if the manual ever gets to
more than 25 pages or so.

Use SD - help stamp out bloatware :-)

Paul EI5DI

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