Doug 7nh at cablelan.net
Thu Dec 9 22:16:35 EST 2004

What has happened to the Keyboard keying.  Before I
downloaded V11.08 the keyboard keying was excellent.
However, I gave the board a tryout, and it certainly STUTTERS......For example, when I sent a practice 
sentence of twenty words,  there were odd dits and dahs
heard in the P/C speaker, and it was only after I stopped
typing that the proper Morse was heard.  However, the 
proper Morse only started around the 6th or 7th word.
I have tried this at 25wpm and at 70wpm and it is absolutely
horrible.  In other words there is no way you could really
go on keyboard and have a yak with somebody.  They 
would be waiting for your first word to come across and that
would be halfway down a sentence.
Maybe it is only my P/C.  But I know for sure that the Code
from your programme was excellent using the Keyboard.
The function keys work properly.  I shouldn't really say
maybe it is my P/C, because the keyboard keying from
my Win-EQF programme and the N1MM programme all
come out correctly.  By the way, I used  CALIBRATE TO
 start out with.  Any ideas Paul ?

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