[SD-User] Very slow characters

Zoltan Bordas borzol at sbelektronik.alphanet.ro
Wed Jul 21 01:46:55 EDT 2004

 Hello Paul,

Concerning the slow characters:

I reinstalled the Windows 2000 from scratch on the
home computer. The following are my observations -
maybe helps. 

With a fresh W2k everything is OK, no slow
characters on the screen, until I finish to
install the new videocard driver. I have the
Gigabyte AV64S-T card (Radeon 7000E chip). I
installed the driver V6.14.10.6396 and SD still
works OK. Then I installed the control panel for
the card - control-panel-7-95-031028m-011774c.
This causes the delay of the characters! From now
on, I have the delay on the first panels of SD,
and slightly (barely noticeable) also on the QSO
entry pane.

I found a new driver for this videocard, probably
today evening I will make the upgrade to see if
the problem persists.

73 de Zoli / YO5CRQ
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