[SD-User] IOTA SDI log

Dave Sergeant dave at davesergeant.com
Mon Jul 26 04:11:19 EDT 2004

On 25 Jul 2004 at 19:47, Dieter Klaschka wrote:

> I got a line from g3rxp/ log manager low power asking  for how many
> points I am going to claim for?

Now that is confusing. The emails from G3RXP relate to last week's 
Low Power contest and have nothing to do with IOTA! I must admit the 
timing of those mails just after I had submitted my IOTA log confused 
me for a minute until I re-read it...
> I thought this would be done by CABRILLO?
> So I calculated it by pocket calculator and sent it to him,
> points by multis equal to some 25.000.

The Low Power scores do not use multipliers and are on a points per 
QSO basis according to the power sent by the transmitting station. 
You just add them together. But if you have set up SD correctly it 
should do all this correctly and indeed put the correct claimed score 
in the Cabrillo log. You can view and edit the Cabrillo log in 
Notepad or your preferred (and better) text editor.

But I used SD 10.15 DOS and it worked fine. Perhaps there are 
problems with the later Windows versions....

As for IOTA, SD	 10.02 DOS which I downloaded last year worked 
flawlessly in this year's contest - pity about conditions though (218 
QSOs at G3YMC)!! These are handled by Don G3XTT. This year you get a 
reply from the contest robot asking you to go to a website to 
confirm, but the address in the mail I got doesn't work and produces 
a 'cannot locate remote server' error...

73 Dave G3YMC


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