[SD-User] SDC 10.14 oddities

gw3sb gw3sb at gw3sb.free-online.co.uk
Sun Mar 14 16:56:13 EST 2004

I found that GB5CC was not flagged as HQ on any band - I worked Fraser on
3 bands.

Regarding speed, I found that it varied a bit but was registering very slow.
I had to
set the speed at 14 w.p.m. to achieve 25 w.p.m.

Charles - GW3SB

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> Hi folks, I used SDC 10.14 in the Commonwealth Contest this weekend and
> noticed a couple of oddities; I'll be interested to hear if anyone else
> observed the same effects.
> 1.  I worked the HQ station GB5CC on 40, 20 & 15m.  SDC flagged up
>     the QSOs on 40m and 15m as earning bonuses, but not the 20m
>     QSO.  I've edited the entry (re-typed the callsign, serial no and
>     to no avail.  Any idea why SDC isn't recognising the 20m QSO (which
>     was my first contact with GB5CC) for a bonus?
> 2.  When using the keyer (driving LPT1) I noticed that the speed of the
>     Morse was varying slightly when a string of characters was being
>     sent.  I would estimate that the variation would be of the order of
+/- 3
>     or 4 wpm.  I didn't notice any variation during the sending of an
>     individual character but it's probably not easy to tell at 25wpm.
>     Running the CALIBRATE function made no difference.  I recall
>     having observed the same effect on a release of SD that I never used
>     'in anger' towards the back end of last year (just before CQWW
>     CW?), but the effect had gone away in the subsequent release.
>     Anyone else observed this effect?  My 'radio' PC is based on a
>     100MHz 5x86 CPU with 64M RAM.
> --
> 73, Martin G0HDB
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