[SD-User] Yeovil Fun Run Contest

Dave Sergeant dsergeant at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 20 19:32:42 EST 2004

I would like to draw you attention to the Yeovil Fun Run contest 
which takes place next week on 80m. This is organised by the Yeovil 
ARC and although primarily a QRP contest everybody is encouraged to 
take part. It is a pretty leisurely event and ideal for those not 
into contests to have a go, much on the lines of the 80m cumulatives 
which have now been superceded.

When - Tuesday-Friday 23rd-26th March inclusive 1900-2100z each day
Where - 3550-3570kHz and 7020-7040kHz
Exchange - RST, Serial Number, Output power in Watts and Name
(serial number should start at a number of your choosing greater than 
100, except for bonus stations who start at 001)
Each QSO with another QRP station (less than 5W) scores 10 points
Each QSO with a bonus station (GB2LOW, G3YMC and PA0CLQ) scores 25 
Each QSO with a QRO station (greater than 5W) scores 3 points
Rules can be found at http://www.g4wif.fsnet.co.uk/fun_run_2004.pdf 
and I have written some additional notes at 
http://www.davesergeant.com/qrp/funrun.htm including a novel way to 
use SD in this contest. Just shows how versatile SD is

Hope to give some of you some points next week.

73 Dave G3YMC

dave at davesergeant.com

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