[SD-User] Contest Setup ?

John Dunnington g3lzq at john-dunnington.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Mar 21 20:15:11 EST 2004

All to frequently requests appear on reflectors for various set up routines
for SD. As far as I am aware all contest parameters for those supported by
SD are in the Preamble of the respective .MLT files within SD. Using Wordpad
or a real DOS Text Editor open the appropriate file and note the set up
params then do a save file and bingo you have it.

I found the SD Info when looking at various changes to Russian Oblasts for
this weekends Russian Contest. The Russian.mult file is out of date but old
and new versions will be accepted. If you did like me and changed the
mult-file to suit  you will have found some Russian Stations used Old and
some New so not all of your QSO's may be recognised as Mults and QSO Points.

Same applies to Writelog but as it is Cabrillo Format for entry all logs
will be rescored and both old/new Region Data accepted.

73 John

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