[SD-User] ES Open HF Championship

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Tue Apr 12 15:05:31 EDT 2005

SD directly supports the ES Open HF Championship.  It runs on any
Windows PC and is freeware from www.ei5di.com.

This event takes place from 0500 - 0859 UTC on Saturday 16th April,
and it's single-mode (SSB or CW) or mixed-mode on 40 and 80m only.

ES stations work everyone.  Non-ES work ES only.

SD Setup:

Select Type 9 : General, Country Multipliers.

Multipliers Count   :  B (by band)
Points per QSO      :  0 (variable)
Pts/Bonus           :  0 (multipliers)
Points vary by mode :  Y
            by band :  N
        by location :  N
Points - CW         :  2
Points - SSB        :  1
Mode                :  SSB or CW (your mode now)
Mixed-Mode?         :  Y/N (your choice)
If Yes:
   Mults count on
   both modes       :  Y
   Work same station
   on both modes    :  Y

Now - here's the important bit.  At the end of each clock hour,
use the SETDUPE command to reset dupe checking.  This way, you
can log each station up to 4 times (once per hour) on each band
and each mode (if mixed).  Do not restart SD during the contest
- this may disturb dupe checking.

After the contest, use SDCHECK Option 1 to create your Cabrillo
.LOG file.  Rename it to yourcall.LOG and email it, as an attached
file, to esopen at erau.ee.

Note to Estonian entrants.  Remove your own call-area record from
ESTONIA.CTY before the contest, otherwise SD will count own-area
QSOs as potential multipliers.

Paul EI5DI

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