[SD-User] Contest Type

Mike Harris mike.harris at horizon.co.fk
Sat Apr 16 18:31:10 EDT 2005

G'day all,

Just in case I'm missing something.  I assume that Type 6 is the only one
that supports scoring by prefix, the WPX prefix worked/needed window is a
big help.  I'm sure I've dug through all the options but you never know.

Curiously the summary sheet I produced last time detailed contest exchange
as (Zone, District) but I just can't remember which type I used.

A race to keep up with the new releases!  I just might hold off installing
new releases until just before I fire up in a little South American only
CW contest towards the end of May. (Manchester Mineira CW Contest)

Scoring is by QSO points and prefix mults plus a few wild cards eg. XYL's,
QRP and members of CWJF (Brazilian) CW group.

About the only contest where I have a geographical advantage, medium
distance (7000km tops), point the beam north and cover the lot!


Mike VP8NO

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