[SD-User] V11.21 Memories

Daems Johan on4aeb at pandora.be
Mon Apr 18 14:35:39 EDT 2005

>I have v11.21 going ok including wav files but I seem to have a problem when
> trying to change the F key memories, whenever I type in the hash # key it
> causes the prog to jump out of memory change mode back to normal operation
> with cursor at callsign entry field.  This seems to have crept in with the
> recent versions as v11.10 works ok.
> Anyone else having the same problem?
> Using XP.
> 73
> Malcolm G3PDH

Here same problem with v11.11 and later versions. Also using XP.
I use Wordpad and change it in SD.INI.

73, Johan on4aeb

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