[SD-User] SDI problems

Martyn Johnson Martyn.Johnson at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 1 04:22:25 EDT 2005

Unfortunately I have to report that SDI 11.33 went quite seriously 
wrong on me in the IOTA contest, and I don't know why. I'm not a 
"serious" entrant, so it's not a major problem, but I thought I should 
report it.

All was OK on Saturday; logged my QSOs, took my backups and shut down 
for the night.

When I fired up SDI on Sunday, it complained that the IOTA05.ALL file 
had been edited (which it hadn't) and that QSOs were out of order. 
Worse than that, there were QSOs missing, and even the current serial 
number was wrong. I poked around and spotted a file called IOTA05%ALL 
(i.e. percent instead of dot) and found that this contained the 
missing QSOs!  I put the .ALL file back together by hand and got a log 
that SDI was happy with, and carried on.

After the contest all seemed superficially well, but on printing the 
log I noticed that my serial 030 was duplicated and 031 was missing. 
Then I remembered that I had had to correct the callsign of 030 from 
within SDI, and it appeared that what had happened was that the 
updated data for 030 had overwritten 031. There was another QSO 
missing which I couldn't explain.

Fortunately I had turned on auditing, and all of the "lost" 
information was in that file. I think the situation would have been 
unrecoverable without that. Personally I think that AUDIT should be on 
by default.

Any ideas on why it went wrong on me?

BTW, as with SD on earlier occasions, rig control was picking up the 
frequency correctly but not tracking band changes.
Martyn M1MAJ

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