[SD-User] IOTA

Dieter Klaschka dieter.dl2bqd at addcom.de
Tue Aug 2 12:20:13 EDT 2005

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>I used version 11.33 in the IOTA test and had no problems, but then I
> use it for logging and not for sending CW or to control the rig.  In
> my
> application it worked like a charm.
> Puck, W4PM
I can entirely confirm that experience as well - no rig connected,
only manual
"worked like a charm", i.e. I enlargened the screen (border cmd.) , I
some entries, could see that then in the text-file protocol ( but I
still can't interprete that some  the order of the entries was
changed, but all qsos were shown)---

Does the AUDIT equal to the text or print file or how can I view it?
72! Dieter.DL2BQD

PS congrats on Dave's, G3YMC 180 - QSO/12 hrs - result. Wow!

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