[SD-User] wish or error on my part

nico van der bijl pa0mir at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 13:54:47 EDT 2005

Hi Paul,
When using SD (or SDI) in CW mode, I regularly run
into trouble because the typed characters do not
appear on the screen. Especially in S/P mode:
e.g. I hear a station, launch the CW to send my call
and then start typing the callsign.
Now while rig is transmitting, nothing appears on the
screen; after the call is completed and rig returns to
reception I have to type again as nothing seems to be
retaind in the good old dos (or windows keyboard)
Using a PIII at 500 MHz, rig control (perfect in my
eyes as I can QSY very fast now by typing the
frequency ond rig changes speedily to the other band)
rig: Kenwood (TS450) with home made interface and CW
by LPT1: port; Win2K pro OS.
Wonder if I missed some setting?
Thanks for your attention

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