[SD-User] V11.34 Released.

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed Aug 10 17:59:56 EDT 2005

V11.34          10th August 2005

Rig Control - all HF programs.
    Added LINKTIME (or LT) command. You may assign
    values from 50 to 500ms - the default is 250ms.
    Select the lowest value at which your rig's
    frequency is reliably displayed.  This parameter
    is held in the initialisation file SD.INI.

    BPS command now supports rates up to 256000 - the
    previous limit was 9600.  Note: This is untested!
    Updated rig control code to help prevent the time
    display freezing. (Please let me know if this is
    still happening - it seems OK here).

    2-Radio Operation:
      At startup, Rig 1's frequency was not displayed.

      Comma "," swaps rig frequencies - when used in
      an empty callsign field. At present, this works
      only when both rigs are set to the same mode.

      Equals "=" sets both rigs to the same frequency
      (the active rig's frequency).  A reminder that
      backslash "\" toggles between rigs.   

SD - WAE Contest:
    CW QTCs (in Cabrillo format) were logged as PH
    (phone).  Fixed.

SD Type 11 - RSGB AFS CC etc:
    If the first "word" in the exchange is numeric,
    it is considered to be a serial and given leading 
    zeros if necessary.  Previously, this did not
    happen if there were any non-numeric characters
    in the exchange.
    For mixed-mode events, fixed F9 display of QSOs
    on other bands.

SDCHECK - Type 11 Contests:
    Fixed Serial Sent not appearing in the PRINT

IOTA Contest.
    SDI: Fixed beam headings.

    Fixed certain edits with the potential to corrupt
    the .ALL file.

    SDICHECK: Option 6 - ADIF exports. You can choose
    to include or omit a hyphen in IOTA references.

    SDICHECK: Option 2 - Edits. QSOs were updated on
    screen but not on file. Fixed.

Defining Keyer Memories.
    With Shift-F1 etc.  Now takes effect only from an
    empty callsign field. Use Esc to abandon editing.
    With Esc, the original contents are restored.

Memory Playback - WinKey:
    Speed change is now implemented reliably.  For
    example, when F1 is set to #R #R#9#5 TEST#-9#-5
    it plays your call at "normal" speed, and TEST
    at an increase of 14 (9+5) wpm.  The "#-9#-5"
    at the end is insurance that the speed will
    return to normal.  This is a temporary measure
    - it will soon be coded.

SD is freeware from www.ei5di.com.  Previous versions
are available from www.ei5di.com/sd/vaults

The manual may be downloaded separately from
www.ei5di.com/sd/sd.pdf.  It hasn't been updated
since V11.32.

If you find bugs, old or new, please send details to
sd-user at contesting.com.  Keep an older version of any
program you download - as insurance.

Paul EI5DI

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