[SD-User] SD-User Digest, Vol 32, Issue 10

Manfred Ockert m.ockert at bss-services.de
Thu Aug 11 01:29:34 EDT 2005

>>writing qtc's: from time to call only with a TAB
>>              from call to number TAB or SPACE
> When recording QTCs, SD offers a single field of more
> than 20 characters.  If you receive a QTC as follows
> 1123   DL1AA   23, this should be entered in the
> single field as 1123DL1AA23 followed by Enter/Return.
> SD separates the fields and logs them correctly.  If the
> next QTC is 259A2BC1, SD will log this as 1125 9A2BC 001.
> Of course, you can try "1123 Enter DL1AA Enter 23 Enter"
> but the first option is easier and faster.
> At all times, Enter is the preferred field terminator with
> SD.  In general, TAB will move you to the next field, but
> it delays logging (of QSOs or QTCs).  Sometimes, Space
> will do the same as Enter, but you can't depend on it.
> SD performs best when Enter is used after every field.

Thanks for info will try...
is the toll read yet makes new(old) *.all file from   a *.aud ???

sometimes it will help!


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