[SD-User] YO DX Contest

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Aug 25 16:32:16 EDT 2005

The YO DX Contest takes place from 1200 UTC Saturday 27th August to
1159 UTC Sunday 28th August.

Rules at http://www.hamradio.ro/contests/yodx_eng.pdf

SD directly supports this contest. It runs on any Windows PC and is
freeware from www.ei5di.com.

There are only three classes

A.  Single Op Single Band
B.  Single Op Multi Band
C.  Multi-Op (2 ops only) Multi Band.

Select Type 10 - General, Country and Area Multipliers

.MLT File            : ROMANIA
.CTY File            : DXCC
Mults Count          : B (by band)
Points per QSO       : 0 (variable)
Pts/Bonus            : 0 (multipliers)
Points per Area QSO  : 8 (YO QSOs)
Non-Area QSOs count
        as mults     : Y
Points vary by Mode  : N
            by Band  : N
        by Location  : Y
Points               : 1 2 4
                       (own country, own continent,
                        other continent)
Receive Serial from
   Area (YO) QSOs    : N
Mode                 : CW or SSB (your mode now)
Mixed Mode Contest?  : Y
Mults count on both
            modes?   : N
Work same station on
       both modes?   : N (once per band is all that's allowed)

Work everyone on the 5 contest bands from 80m to 10m.
Send & receive 59(9) + serial.  YOs send their county code
instead of a serial.

After the contest, use SDCHECK to create your Cabrillo .LOG file.
Remember to specify your section A, B or C in the Cabrillo
header.  Email your log, as an attached file, to
yodx_contest at hamradio.ro

Paul EI5DI

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