[SD-User] radio link not working with 11.34

Jim Balls jim at makidoja.net
Mon Aug 29 09:48:49 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I've just rebuilt the contest PC ready for SSB Field day, Upon testing 
the latest version of SD I cannot seem to get the rig communication link 
for frequency and band data working.

I'm using a IC756 PROII with a home made converter lead which requires 
power on the RTS and DTR pins, The PC is a P3 450 and I'm running XP, 
I've proved everything works using N1MM contest software.

Any ideas?

I had a similar experience with the old PC and the latest version of SDI 
on IOTA, but using an earlier version of SD it proved to work OK without 
changing anything, so I guess the power had been removed from the DTR 
and RTS pins

Maybe the power has been lost from the DTR and RTS pins again, but I 
couldn't find anything in the history file?

Thanks for any help



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