[SD-User] EU CW Sprint

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Wed Oct 5 18:38:40 EDT 2005

The CW leg of the Autumn EU Sprint takes place from 1500 UTC to
1859 UTC on Saturday 8th October.

SD supports this contest.  V12.04 runs on any Windows PC and may
be installed directly from www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe

Rules at www.eusprint.com/index.php?page=140&lang=g

SD Setup:
Select the EU Sprint template.
Enter the Mode as CW, and the Name you're using for the exchange.

EU stations work everyone.
DX stations work EU only.

Exchange Serial + Name.

SD lets you enter Serial and Name in a single field.
For example:  2FRED will be logged as 002 FRED.

If you load a .LST callsign/name file with the LOAD command, SD
autofills the Name on a callsign match. 

After the contest, use SDCHECK to create your .LOG file.  Rename
it as YOURCALL.LOG and email it, as an attached file, to
eusprint at kkn.net (within 15 days).

Paul EI5DI

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