[SD-User] No frequencies in Cabrillo file

G3ZSU g3zsu at btopenworld.com
Sun Sep 18 09:01:07 EDT 2005


As Cabrillo is just a text file anyway, can you copy the frequency column
from the text file and paste it into the Cabrillo one?

It may be quickest.  I'm sure if there is a bug, Paul will fix it in the
next release - which is often in an hour or so after things like this get
picked up!!



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I've just used SD 12-01 for the Scandinavian contest, generated a Cabrillo
file with SDCHECK and there are no frequencies in the Cabrillo. I did an
export as Text file and the frequency data is in there, so it's stored, just
hiding from the Cabrillo.


73  Bob

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