[SD-User] Direct frequency entry

Mike Harris mike.harris at horizon.co.fk
Mon Oct 2 19:42:34 EDT 2006

G'day all,

| > Any copies of KENWOOD.SD which have been edited (in any way),
| > or renamed copies of KENWOOD.SD may not work with the K2.
| OK, I tried telling SD that the rig was a Kenwood (and not using my
| file which is a renamed kenwood). No dice. Still reads the rig but
| a frequency in SD still does not change the rig's frequency.

So where are we with this?  Just for a test I installed N1MM and tried
direct frequency entry, it worked OK.

I'm using 13.09 and in the RSGB 21_28 the QSO rate window seemed broken,
maybe I was going too slow!  Just entered some dummy QSO's and after 10
the rate per hour shows, enter some more and the "LastX" sits at 0.0
However, when ZAPing them the LastX counted down and the rate per hour was


Mike VP8NO

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